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About Me

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👋 Hi,

I'm Julian. Nice to have you here! 👐

And now I should say something about me ... I guess 🤓 ... I'm interested in podcasts, music, cooking and of course programming.

Most of my projects can be found an GitHub. Currently Swift is my first choice! 🤓

In the last years I also started using Kubernetes, Helm and some the other nice little helpers in the DevOps corner of GitHub.

In my spare time I develop PDF Archiver. An iOS & macOS App that helps you to scan 🔎 and organize 🗃 your documents. You can find the background story of the project in this blogpost.

I would love to get in touch with you. Whether it is feedback, some more/deeper information or critic. Just get in touch and let me know! 🙃

You can contact me via Twitter, Xing or Mail.